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Just a little insight into the steps
we have taken on our journey.
While the Making Rail Work initiative has concluded, these posts remain as testament to our efforts. If you have questions, you may connect with our contributors via social media; they can be found on the Connect page.

Latest Updates

The Future is Rail Conference

“I find myself in a place of certainty now. Not only do I think the Making Rail Work team is ready, I think we are all ready and that the time to be brave and bold has arrived… on Platform1!”

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Review: Budget 2023

“Of particular note for the Making Rail Work team was the $10 million funding to look in detail on how to electrify more North Island rail lines and in particular the Golden Triangle…”

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Official Briefing: BoP Regional Transport Committee

“KiwiRail commented that it supported our view on the capacity of the network and endorsed the Making Rail Work team’s strong advocacy role… and that BoPRC should collaborate with the Waikato Regional Council to deliver a future with passenger rail.”

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Our contributors share their personal stories in these posts so please be gentle if you respond to them about their personal experiences and perspectives. With their permission, we have also included posts and updates from some team members who no longer work with us directly. Some go back before the Making Rail Work initiative was established in 2020.
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