A Community-Led Approach
That Makes Economic Sense

Following a wide range of meetings, briefings, presentations and discussions with all levels of government and communities in the Golden Triangle, Tarakin Global is satisfied that the case for inter-regional passenger rail has been made and accepted by all relevant governing bodies and community groups. The fact that the Bay of Plenty Regional Council has confirmed that it will include inter-regional passenger rail in its next regional transport plan is testament to the work done by experts, negotiators and passionate community members behind the scenes.

As such, Tarakin Global’s Making Rail Work Initiative is now complete. From August 2023, the team has turned its attention to helping Government consider how to use international investment to fund the enablement and installation of rail and other major capital investment projects. This requires us to look at all infrastructure that is required to improve prosperity in Aotearoa New Zealand’s Golden Triangle, including roads, planes, freight, public transport, energy, utilities and housing.

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Tarakin Global will publish its latest report, which draws on some of the experiences of the Making Rail Work initiative, in mid-2024. It will be entitled: Invest New Zealand.

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New Economic Opportunities

New Zealand currently works as a collective of chiefdoms. Our whole doesn’t equal greater than the sum of our parts.

Making Rail Work proposed an internationally-tested approach to aligning government and policy agendas at all levels. It will reduce spending on bureaucratic processes, streamline government decision-making and create a central shop window for NZ Inc. to attract inward investment collaboratively.

This model is expanded upon in Tarakin Global’s Invest New Zealand report, to be released in 2024.

Kiwi Ownership

New Zealand is the best in the world at running co-operatives. They are resilient because their customers, staff and communities are empowered to be owner-members of their organisations.

Making Rail Work proposed we do the same with the opportunities that come from the Golden Triangle, if inter-regional passenger rail is introduced.   

This proposal covered a range of share options that will allow Kiwis of all income levels to join the co-operative.

Myth Busting

Inter-regional passenger rail in the Golden Triangle is affordable and will help everyone in Aotearoa plan for a future with a more reasonable cost of living.

Our researchers are connected to world-leading industry experts, the best university facilities and governmental organisations in New Zealand and globally.

We built this list of myths by constantly reflecting on what our connections and the general public were telling us. We hope it proves reflective for you, too.

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